all u need is here….. u can download here: and how to assembly it on :

If you want to have nice plastic canopy for your drone or other RC, usually u have to build it using plastic forming or at least heater and some base usually from wood or other hard material… what if u don’t have any of that, but u want to build it too… well this is […]

30/5/2016 – has been transformed become… base on alfa network and infrastructure, will become the largest e-commerce in indonesia. Providing not just electronic, peripherals, office supply and so on… also providing consumer daily needs…. and on this celebration, we enjoy the GAC performance on the stage….

Men Hour :5 hour Frame :Liantian LT130 Motor :4x ZMR 1306 3100KV ESC :4x Mini BLHeli OPTO 2-4S Controller :OPENPILOT Mini CC3D Micro Battery :3S 850Mah LIPO 30c AV Trx :TS5823 5.8GHz 200mw 32 channel AV Transmitter Mini Camera :HD 700TVL 2.1mm Mini FPV PCB Board Camera OSD :MinimOSD mini Receiver :Radiolink AT9 Reciever Propeller […]

My Long range spider frame has born…. using : – Ardupilot APM 2.6 – Emax 2213 935kv motor – 1045 Gemfam Propeller – 30A opto ESC – 1x5200mah 4S battery – GPS Ublox M8N – Minim OSD – 433Mhz Telemetry Radio (Allowed by government regunation) – 5,8Ghz 600mw Long Range Video Transmitter – DIY GoPro […]

  Beberapa hari lalu saya beli DIY 3D printer. kalau dari pengalaman orang orang sih memang bilangnya lama buatnya…. saya pikir apa susahnya sih…. ternyata ribeeeeeeeet banget gara gara manual nya malah membingungkan…. hahaha…. dan ini hasil test nya…. tapiiii…. ini catatanya… Pro: 1. Bodynya cukup kokoh 2. Merakitnya tidak terlalu sulit bagi yang ngerti […]

Here the story, some days ago i buy a retractable DJI landing gear… i thought it will be fit for my freeX Drone. With some small modification here and there the landing gear fit for my FreeX But i have some problem with it… FreeX Skyview drone stock Radio transmitter have only 7CH, since i […]